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Our vision is to optimise decisions and support outcomes to customers throughout the entire educational journey.

Since 1992 Bonas MacFarlane's consultants and tutors have gained a reputation with thousands of discerning families, for helping their children succeed at the leading schools and universities in Britain and the USA.

Founded in 2007, Next Step Exhibition's award-winning Independent Schools Show is now the world's largest school open-day. The Boarding Schools Show, its overseas programme, is coming to a city near you. FORMA was launched in 2021, while both Step Up Expo and The Agenda Festival made their debut in summer 2023.

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Conversations, expert advice and insight from the world of education and beyond. Scholato helps you chart the right education path for your child.

Since 2006 the Independent Schools Show has been helping parents find the right school for their child. The world's largest school open-day, which takes place each November at Battersea Evolution.

Bonas MacFarlane Education's support changes children’s lives. The company’s consultants and tutors have worked with thousands of discerning families, helping children succeed at the leading schools and universities in Britain and the USA.

The Boarding Schools Shows visits Geneva, Monaco, Dubai, Istanbul, India, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore & Hong Kong. The Shows are a unique opportunity for parents and international families to meet the Heads and Admissions Directors of the world's most prestigious boarding schools. 

FORMA, the international art, design & architecture education fair, brings together globally prestigious universities and institutions. This is a unique opportunity for students to meet with world leaders in art and design education for those interested in studying in Europe or the US.

STEP UP EXPO, in conjunction with an impactful Evening Standard campaign, is a new inclusive event that will lead the conversation for parents and young people at London Olympia. 

Later life can be a time of growth, personal and professional. It can be a time to make a mark and leave a legacy of significance. The Agenda Festival is our new show showcasing the best in wealth management and legal matters, health and care, travel, culture and lifestyle.

Since 2004, Holland Park Tuition & Education Consultants has been a leading source of private tutors and educational guidance.